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My Storytelling folder and the armageddon it brings...

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Jun. 26th, 2011 | 02:31 pm
location: my couch
mood: sicksick
music: You're Standing on my neck - Splendora
posted by: sparky_fusebox in hawke_legacy

Remeber in the last update when I said I sucked at computers and that they hated me?
Well Guess whose game decides that it will automaticvally replace all screenshots in the folder with a newer screen shot without my knowledge?  if you answered with "Howard Moon" or any other Mighty Boosh characters you are sadly wrong. It was me.

I fixed this by exiting the game every time I taken a screenshot and renaming the screenshot in the folder. I also just stuck to the in-game camera. It worked until I checked my storytelling folder and well the photos seem to only exist in-game.

The moral of my long-winded bitchfest? The next update may take a bit.

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