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The Hawke Legacy

A Round Robin

The Hawke Round Robin Legacy
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Welcome to the Hawke Round Robin Legacy! This was originally Lucy/MoxyCrimeFighter/sparky_fusebox  's brainchild, and eventually become a joint effort between her and myself. The rules we are following are located here.

Generation One - sparky_fusebox  
Ch. 1.0 // Ch. 1.1

Participants List
Gen. 1 - Lucy/MoxyCrimeFighter/sparky_fusebox  
Gen. 2 - Jane/Jenga_Jane/jenga218  
Gen. 3 - MissBubbles/missbubbles1321  
Gen. 4 - Sofy/soft_princess  
Gen. 5
- Christy/soundsonpaper
Gen. 6 - cupcaketacular
Gen. 7 - NathanialRoyale/frankscrank  
Gen. 8 - Milya/voleste  
Gen. 9 - CaptainObvious/ zecaptain 
Gen. 10 - Prosthetics/ verocchio 

Additional thanks to antimaccassar  of sim_icon  for the base icon I edited to make the community userpic. 

Sign ups are now closed!